Quality Bahia Turf in Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Hillsborogh County, Florida

Transform your lawn with premium Bahia turf from The Sod Farm. This type of grass is a popular choice among homeowners and landscapers due to its affordability and resilience. Bahia grass features a deep root system that ensures long-lasting beauty and durability, making it ideal for creating lush, green lawns that withstand various weather conditions and foot traffic.

Drought and Heat Resistance

Bahia grass has exceptional drought and heat resistance qualities, which are beneficial for lawns and gardens in Florida. Whether it’s a dry summer or a rainy day, this turf remains healthy and colorful in any weather. Its root system seeks out moisture deep in the soil, so it doesn’t require frequent watering compared to other types of grass. Reduce your water bills and maintenance hassle for a green lawn by ordering your turf from our sod delivery services.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other grasses, Bahia is well-known for its relatively low maintenance. It settles quickly in the soil and requires minimal fertilization to stay lush in summer or winter. All it takes from homeowners or landscapers is regular mowing and occasional watering to keep the lawn looking bright and fresh all year.

Bahia Turf

Bahia Turf

We carry a great selection of Bahia (Argentine) turf in our garden center. This turf has the following features:

  • Cold Hardiness: Bahia goes into dormancy during the cooler months, providing an advantage to consumers in the southern parts of Florida.
  • Sun Tolerance: Bahia thrives in direct sun and moderate shade. Heavily shaded areas should be avoided.
  • Attractiveness: Bahia features a single leaf and roots, forming a solid ground feel. Its light green stolon color and height make it easily distinguishable from other turfs.
  • Virus Resistance: Bahia is resistant to SAD (St. Augustine’s decline, a viral disease that causes mottling) and shows good resistance to leaf diseases.
  • Salt Tolerance: Bahia has poor salt tolerance and is not recommended for shoreline plantings.

Bahia Turf Qualities

  • Leaf Texture: Thin
  • Drought Tolerance: Excellent
  • Wearability: Poor
  • Soil Type: Wild Range
  • Establishment Rate: Fast
  • Mowing Days: 3 to 5 Days
  • Mowing Heights: 3 to 5 “
  • Fertilization: 4 to 6 Yearly
  • Pest Control: High

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