With 56 years of “growing” expertise, The Sod Farm has provided a full range of professional services for residential lawns since 1977. Our family owned and operated garden center has served in the agriculture industry by providing local property owners with the resources they need for their lawns. Our fresh-cut sod is straight from our farms and is available to be delivered directly to your home.

In addition to our options for sod in pieces, pallets, and plugs, we provide services to ensure that your new sod will be properly installed for the best growth potential. As a proven lawn and garden supplier that offers comprehensive resources, we provide you with the following services:

  • Complete lawn replacement
  • Guaranteed next day delivery
  • Installations
  • Partial lawn replacement
  • Lawn aeration
  • Partial lawn replacement
  • Verti- cutting
  • Pest control services
  • Yard cleanup
  • Flatbed services statewide

Contact us to learn more about the lawn sod services we offer. We serve clients in New Port Richey, Florida, and the surrounding Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando county areas.

D.I.Y. Delivery Service

The Sod Farm provides sod delivery for the Do It Yourselfers. Our fresh-cut sod is straight from our farms and is available to be delivered directly to your home. The Sod Farm is the home of the guarantee next day delivery. The Sod Farm provides delivery Statewide.

Installation Services

The Sod Farm offers sod installation services. From just simple sod installation to complete lawn renovation The Sod Farm is the best choice. With 47 years of service, we have the expertise and the quality product and service you need.

Pest Control

If your yard doesn’t look its best, then it may be suffering from damage caused by pests. When this is the case, Sod Farm is here to provide pest control services. With the current outbreak of chinch bugs and fungus, it’s important to properly maintain the investment you’ve made in your yard. Chinch bugs are a common problem here in the South, especially for property owners with St. Augustine and Zoysia grass. These bugs suck the grass dry of its nutrients and then inject a poison into it, which can kill entire patches or even your whole lawn.

Our pest control services are provided by experts who are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service possible. With generations of hands-on farming experience on our side, we have the expertise necessary to keep your lawn protected from pests so it can look its best.

Our staff here at Sod Farms loves and enjoys helping the members of the local community, so you can depend on us to serve your lawns with the solutions they need to thrive.

Preserve Your Yard with Pest Control Services from the Experts at The Sod Farm

Instead of relying on inexperienced lawn workers, save yourself a great amount of unnecessary grief and frustration by choosing our professionals to serve you. As a Florida State Certified pest control operator, we are here to help you by providing the highest standard of service for all of your pest removal needs.

Pest and Fungus

  • The most common two pests are the southern chinch bug and the sod web worm.
  • The most common two fungus problems are brown patch and gray leaf spot.

It is not uncommon to have both bug and fungus at the same time and both can be controlled easily if you:

  • Identify if it is bugs, fungus or both. This is crucial and you need to treat the lawn quickly.
  • In some incidences 24-48 hours could mean the difference between the recovery of the lawn or its loss.

We have proudly served the local community since 1977 and strive to continue our legacy of providing the most thorough pest control services.
Contact our staff to schedule a visit from one of our State Certified Pest control Technician.

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